Perfect Pushup Counter Makes Workouts More Effective

I'll never forget back when I was in the eighth grade and it was fitness day. Our class had a high school senior who was working in a sort of gym teaching internship. He was my partner for keeping count of my sit-ups and push-ups. That seemed great on the surface-- the most mature, reliable guy in the class counting for me--what could go wrong?

What went wrong is he totally spaced out and provided a random estimate instead of a hard count. I reported my numbers to the teacher who didn't believe me in the least since my reps surpassed the maximum that the teacher had allowed for. To make it worse, I had one of the top push-up numbers in the class, which I didn't get any credit for since I now looked like I was cheating my way through.

That was one of my first experiences realizing that just because someone is in a position of power, doesn't mean they are any good at it or actually belong there--a lesson that's been confirmed time and time again. 

I also learned that an automatic push-up counter like this Perfect Push-Up Counter is a great addition to any workout routine. Even if you don't have a shady, unreliable partner, it's still pretty easy to lose count of your reps. The counter digitally keeps track of each push-up, so you can focus on other things like all the action you'll be getting once you're all ripped. It also times your workout so you can meet and adjust your overall fitness goals.

Place it under your chest and it registers your push-up. It includes a soft, flexible base just in case you push your arms too hard and go crashing to the ground. 

Think this could help you out? You can find the Perfect Pushup Counter for just $19.95 at Amazon.

Amazon via Coolest-Gadgets