Performance Book Caddy--The Fastest (And Most Painful) Bike Ride You've Ever Had

"Trying to find time to catch up on your reading and training?" That's the opener for the Performance Book Caddy, which looks like the music stand I used to practice trumpet on in the 5th grade minus the legs. The potentially deadly device attaches easily to any road bike, mountain bike or indoor trainer so that you can plant your favorite book or magazine down and skim through it as you pedal while completely ignoring the winding road in front of you. 


Seriously, is there any reason to be reading a book while cycling? While this is in Performance Bicycle's Indoor Training section, that picture looks a whole lot like a road bike without any stand. And the company even says it'll fit any road or mountain bike. What exactly are they thinking with this one? If you need to read a book about riding a bike, you should probably do that before you mount up. Otherwise, you just shouldn't be reading a book on your bike. 

On the brighter side, death by bicycle need only run you $14.99. Hope Performance has a competent legal team.

Performance via Dvice 

Feb 1, 2010
by Chris Weiss

Yes, I Am

Sounds like someone took the post a little too seriously...

Jan 3, 2011
by Anonymous

People, Please

Yes, it is true you can mount these to a road or mountain bike, but the bike is then attached to a training stand which makes it stationary. Not all cyclists live in a climate that allows year round riding.

I have one of these attached to my bike that I use in my basement from November till the end of March before I venture back out on the city streets. Great way to pass the time and getting those precious training reps in.