The Innovative Subscription Biz That's Exactly What You Think It Is. Period.

Every healthy woman on the planet, that is of child-bearing age, gets a special visit from mother nature (or The Period Store BagsThe Period Store Bagsat least her evil twin sister) once a month. While every woman has a different method for coping with a guest that's welcome on principle alone, there are a few things that every woman requires or appreciates. One unique business wants to ensure that women embrace their monthly guest, and they do that by ensuring that she shows up with a hostess gift.

The Period Store doesn't beat around the bush, as is evidenced by their name and branding. Their whole gimmick is pretty smart, considering half the people living on this planet are women (give or take), and a good chunk of them are at an age where they get periods. There are few other businesses out there that can really say they offer a needed solution to such a large portion of the population. 

So what is that solution? I wasn't really kidding about The Period Store helping to ensure that Auntie Flo doesn't appear for her monthly visit without a gift for her gracious hostess. The Period Store accomplishes this by offering a subscription service, that is customizable and tailor-made to each female client and her individual needs and preferences. 

The Period Store PackagesThe Period Store Packages

The Period Store's monthly delivery contains feminine products (of the consumer's choice), an art print, a gourmet sweet (mmmm chocolate!), 2 tea bags, and 3 medicine packs. The feminine products available span all categories - they offer tampons, maxi-pads, menstrual cups, and wipes, of both the "traditional" and eco-friendly variety. When making a selection, shoppers can select whether they'd like a specific product selection just for their next delivery, or if they would like it to be part of their reoccurring package.

The Period Store ensures that your monthly subscription arrives exactly when it is required. When you sign up for the service, you outline your typical cycle timing and length, and you also list allergies. The price of the monthly package depends on your feminine hygiene product selections. The rest of the items you'll receive as part of the package are more standardized, and they are a surprise. So you get exactly what you need to take care of things (without having to run out to the store because you were caught unprepared), plus a little gift to lift your spirits when you need it the most!

The Period StoreThe Period Store

Costs to subscribe to The Period Store's subscription range from $19-$34. The smallest packages come with just one feminine product, while the "heaviest " package (their choice to use period lingo in their branding, not mne!) contains three items. 

What do you think of this unique niche business?

I think it's pretty smart. Period.

Via: Springwise, The Period Store Facebook Page