Track Your Period With iPeriod For iPhone

Guess what ladies! You've been missing something from your life... and it better not be your period. Never fear, the iPeriod has you covered... if you have an iPhone that is.

Created by the iPhone's best friend, Winkpass Creations, the iPeriod is just the software application you need if you want to make a thorough study of your period. Now in Version 1.1, the .3MB software program, iPeriod, keeps track of your period dates, lengths, symptoms, and anything else that's noteworthy. It will predict your future periods, alert you when your period is coming within the week, and alert you when it's past due.



Whether you are trying to get pregnant or not trying to get pregnant the iPeriod is a great iPhone application. It's also provides useful menstruation information to share with your doctor. The iPeriod is available from the iTunes Store for just $2.99.


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