Personal Trainer in Your Pocket: Toshiba Sportio Phone

Cell phones have drastically changed communication in today's society. Instead of just appealing to the hip, younger crowd (teenagers and young adults), these evolved walkie-talkies now have a larger audience.

Almost everyone in the work industry uses a cell phone as their main form of communication and even children use a certain model to talk to parents while at school. But aside from phone calls and text messages, cell phones have adapted other features such as Internet access, music, cameras and now, mobile trainers.

With help from KDDI, the second largest mobile operator in Japan, the new Toshiba Sportio was recently introduced. The Toshiba Sportio is just one of the latest cell phones meant for individuals who are keen on exercising.

The Toshiba Sportio cell phone itself is lightweight and slim; it measures 93 x 52 x 13.7 millimeters and has a 2.2 inch display (240 x 320 pixels). Its main features include a calorie counter, an application that measures distance and a built-in GPS. Sounds like a device equipped with a large instruction manual but its actual a user friendly phone perfect for the daily jogger or runner. With the built-in GPS, an individual has the ability to lay out different jogging routes and can record how many calories they've burned during the workout.

Along with helping you with your personal fitness, the Toshiba Sportio mobile phone has many other popular features such as:

- mobile TV capabilities

- 2 megapixel camera

- video and music player

- Bluetooth capability

- Internet and email functions

The Toshiba Sportio will be available for purchase starting mid-June and comes in five available colours: white, black, green, orange and red. The official price has not been announced, but KDDI has stated that the phone will only be sold in Japan. With cell phone technology constantly growing, don't think the all-in-one fitness phone won't end up being sold internationally!


Joshua Khan
Guest Blogger

Our Guest Blogger, Joshua Khan, is an aspiring journalist from Ontario, Canada. He wanted to share the latest sports innovations with the readers of