Personal Power and Heat Platform in a Jacket

Ardica Technology has developed a product that can not only heat your jacket, but can charge your electronics as well. Do you find yourself sometimes wishing that your jacket was a little warmer? Do you find yourself sometimes wishing that you can charge your iPod while listening to it outside? Wish no more, Ardica Technology has delivered it.


This system uses lithium-ion technology and can supply 25 watts of power and 100 degrees of heat. The pad like design can form to any part of your body and is easily disguisable in your clothes. Weighing in at just 1 pound, the system can handle the most demanding consumer power needs.






The heat portion of this system can run on its highest setting for 3 hours and on its lowest setting for 8.6 hours. The charging power that this system contains can charge your cell phone up to 11 times, and your iPod, GPS, and other mp3 players up to 20 charges.

So if you need some more heat in your jacket or some more power for your electronics pick up the Ardica Technology Personal Power and Heat Platform.