Personal Sound In-Ear Amplifier Lets You Hear Exactly What You Want

The In-Ear AmplifierThe In-Ear Amplifier

It’s a common occurrence. You’re in a crowded room. There’s a ton of background noise and you’re straining to hear the person next to you.  Able Planet, a company that works in sound innovation, has come up with a solution for this: A Personal Sound In-Ear amplifier.


The In-Ear Amplifier uses a  Linx DSP, an Environment Management technology with 8 channels, 12 bands, 4 preset environment filters, noise reduction, and an adaptive feedback manager.  By reducing hard-to-hear sounds and background  noise, you’re going to hear almost anything with better precision. Additionally, it can switch between preset environments (that you determine). Another plus? The device is small and provides a natural acoustic directionality.

Although Able Planet’s mission statement involves removing barriers for those with disabilities, the In-Ear Amplifier has advantages for everyone. Such innovation is truly what 21st Century living should be.

Find out more about the product here.

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Aug 25, 2013
by Anonymous

Perhaps there's a setting

Perhaps there's a setting for tuning out my wife.