Personalize Your Walls With Paintable OLED Tiles

It seems there is an innate desire of children and adults to, at some point in their lives, take a crayon, can of spray paint or a marker and draw on a wall somewhere.  Thanks to lighting artist Shane Crozier, that desire need not be sublimated any longer!

Crozier has masterminded a unique way for aspiring artists of all ages to showcase their talents in a non-permanent, legal way -- on OLED tiles that illuminate at night and act like stained glass by day.

These modular 150x150 mm light tiles are made of a framed OLED emitter and topped with a sheet of clear acrylic onto which one can unleash their inner Van Gogh with water-based acrylic paints.  During the day these tiles hide their inner luminosity, but at night the OLED emitter can be turned on to provide a backlight for the scenes painted on top.  Better still, if you tire of your creation it can be wiped clean and be repainted.  The frame has contacts on each of its four sides, so with each modular tile frame endless compositions are possible, dictated only by the user's own design and the limits of the OLED driver tile and its power supply.


 Via Yanko Design