A Pet Carrier With Climate Control By Komfort Pets


Komfort Pets Climate Controlled Pet CarrierKomfort Pets Climate Controlled Pet Carrier Suppose you want to go sailing for a few days or take a ski weekend?  You hate to leave your bird, rabbit, or cat at home, but you're afraid the winds will be too strong or your ski villa too cold for them.  Even at home, you may be able to tolerate more heat or cold than your pet.  Well, Komfort Pets has just the answer: a Climate Controlled Pet Carrier that will maintain the perfect temperature for your pet, no matter what the external temperature.

Komfort's new carrier has a patent-pending temperature control system that mimics the way a pet controls his own temperature, using convection and conduction simultaneously.  The Climate Controlled Pet Carrier even has a high-tech LCD control panel so you get to know it's doing a good job; the carrier also comes with safety features that prevent electricity overload.  Oh yes, the Pet Carrier requires a 110-volt electrical outlet with a 12-volt DC converter or a 12-volt power outlet in a car, SUV, RV, private plane, or boat.


Komfort Pets Climate Controlled Pet CarrierKomfort Pets Climate Controlled Pet Carrier


The Climate Controlled Pet Carrier comes in one size - 19 x 13 x 16 inches - so it will hold a small dog or other small pets.  And, for those pets in show circles, more than one carrier can be easily stacked.  

Available from Amazon.com in red and blue or from Sky Mall in silver.


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