13 Halloween Pet Costume Winners 2007: Coolest, Scariest, Weirdest, and more...

There are sooooo many neat pet get-ups for Halloween this year that it's been tough to keep the Lady Bee's 2007 Pet Costume Awards down to 13 categories! (I've been switching about two dozen costumes in and out of this blog for several days now.)

Finally, I'm ready to present! Read on, and you'll find my picks for Coolest, Weirdest, Funniest, Scariest, Classiest, Best Pimp, Most Pious, Most Flirtatious, Most Realistic, Most Surprising, Best Retro, Best Pirate, and Most Adorable costumes for pets. (Dog, cat, ferret, and bird costumes were considered).


1. Lady Bee's Weirdest Pet Costume Award


Weirdest Pet CostumeWeirdest Pet Costume

I couldn't make up my mind whether this costume looked more like a werewolf or a wolf-man, but it didn't look much like it was supposed to be -- a Hippie! All I know is that it's really weird! Good for medium and large dogs, this Hippie Dog Pet Costume ($15) can be found here.


2. Lady Bee's Funniest Pet Costume Award


Funniest Pet CostumeFunniest Pet Costume

I can't help it, but every time I look at this dog I'm reminded of an aunt who looked just like this when she went to bed. The House Frau costume looks like it really covers the poodle's front legs and body, unlike many other costumes for large dogs that just leave the legs hanging loose in front of the dog. So, giggle all the way to SpoiledRottenDogs.com for the House Frau costume.( $20.00.)


3. Lady Bee's Classiest Pet Costume Award



Classiest Pet CostumeClassiest Pet Costume

This ferret's Witch Hat says Halloween without a lot of fuss. In this minimalist mode, I'll just tell you it's available from Doctors Foster and Smith, has under-chin elastic, and costs $1.49.

4. Lady Bee's Scariest Pet Costume Award


Scariest Pet CostumeScariest Pet Costume


It's hard to make a dog look really scary, scarier than he can look on his own if he wants to.... To judge this category, I pretended I was a 4-year old, and the Spider Dog Costume, even though it's not new for 2007, and it's modelled by a sweet Boston terrier, was the scariest costume I could find. Extra small to extra large sizes are available at Amazon for $18 and up.


5. Lady Bee's Coolest Pet Costume Award



Coolest Pet CostumeCoolest Pet Costume

Although there are a good many diapered flight suits for birds, I haven't seen a whole lot of bird Halloween costumes. Many large bird pets. like the parrot and cockatoo, love to show off, and this Hippie costumed cockatoo seems to be no exception. This costume was created by Avian Fashions, designer of the flight suits, and there are new costumes available for this Halloween. Email the company for a custom costume. (price not listed).

6. Lady Bee's Most Realistic Pet Costume Award


Most Realistic Pet CostumeMost Realistic Pet Costume

Realistic pet costumes are not jumping off the racks, you know. But this L'il Stinker looks very much like the one that hangs around my house waiting for opportunities to spray my dogs. Kind of cute, isn't it? For Dachshunds, especially. Li'l Stinker is available here for $18.


7. Lady Bee's Best Pimp Pet Costume Award

Best Pimp Pet CostumeBest Pimp Pet Costume

Believe it or not, dog pimps are hot this year, so there was quite a choice in this category. I awarded this one because it has the extras... touches like faux leopard trim and buttons. This costume looks perfect on the Boxer, so match his size, because Big Daddy ($14) only comes in one size from BuyCostumes.com. (Update: Amazon now has it in all sizes.)

8. Lady Bee's Most Flirtatious Pet Costume Award



Most Flirtatious Pet CostumeMost Flirtatious Pet Costume


In this case it's hard to separate the dog from the costume; therefore I'm giving the dog "The Most Into-It Pet Award." The Queen (of Hearts) Dog Costume ($14) has all the stuff of flirtation... layers add mystery, flowing design shows control, fashionable materials shout confidence and, let's face it... it's just darn cute. Available in extra small, small, and medium. At the Costume Shopper.

9. Lady Bee's Most Surprising Pet Costume


Most Surprising Pet CostumeMost Surprising Pet Costume

How surprising was this find?! Just think how surprised you'd be if you saw a black cat wearing artificial nails in orange and black! How many things can you make a cat wear, anyway, without tranquilizing him? These soft claws do have a purpose, too -- they protect your furniture, floors, cabinets, sweaters, hose, and other valued belongings from ruin, and they do seem far preferable to declawing. Customers swear by them and say they're easy to put on... and don't interfere with natural claw extraction and retraction. About $16 at Amazon .

10. Lady Bee's Most Pious Pet Costume

Most Pious Pet CostumesMost Pious Pet Costumes

There was a tie here for Best Pious, and you probably can guess why. If any animal were of a religious inclination, it would certainly be the dog. In fact, these Nun and Priest costumes are enhanced by the ever-hopeful expressions of the dogs modeling them. Available from BuyCostumes.com for $23 each.

11. Lady Bee's Best Retro Pet Costume

Best Retro Pet CostumeBest Retro Pet Costume

Nicely appointed costume for the awards gala, this red satin flapper number is custom made for your pet, complete with tassels, faux pearl beads, feather, and flower. The Flapper Girl ($45 - $75) is available in red, royal blue, and other colors upon request. From Pet Haven.


12. Lady Bee's Best Pirate Dog Costume



Best Pirate Pet CostumeBest Pirate Pet Costume

For sure, this is the stateliest-looking dog I've ever seen in a pirate costume, and he looks like he's going to bring home something worthwhile, instead of the garbage my dogs find. I love the detail on this costume and the fact that it's easy to fit to your dog with its Velcro waistband. Available here for $19 - $23, depending on size.

13. Lady Bee's Most Adorable Pet Costume


Most Adorable Pet CostumeMost Adorable Pet Costume

Teacup size pups have a hard time finding costumes that don't overwhelm them. Here is a costume that becomes a tiny female or female impersonator that you may know. Available at TrendyPuppy.com ($42) for dogs 12 pounds or less.

One more thing.....


Lady Bee's Halloween Safe Tips For You And Your Pets


  • An all-dog Halloween party, wherever dogs assemble in your area would probably be the most fun for her and for you.
  • If your pet accompanies you Trick-or-Treating or stays home and greets Trick-or-Treaters at the door, keep him leashed.
  • If your pet is aggressive or shows aggression at any time, take him away from others at this time. If he shows fear or barks a lot when he sees costumed youngsters or adults, take him home or away from the door.
  • Don't allow your pet to be approached until others, especially children, know how to approach her.
  • Don't let your pet accept food from anyone, until you have inspected it, or not at all. Don't allow him sweets of any kind, especially chocolate.

Have a happy and safe Halloween with your pets!

For 2008, we have 14 Best Pet Costume Winners! Check them out here!


That's the buzz for today!

Lady Bee
Animal Blogger

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Oct 30, 2008
by Anonymous

The little doy with the

The little doy with the ballerina wearing looks soooo cute and the dog looking like big daddy wow! he looks pimping!!!!!!!!! All the dogs look so amazing! But the ond dog looks like a slut but she still looks GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oct 30, 2008
by Anonymous

I like all the dogs they

I like all the dogs they look very cool and cute. Their not really scary at all. They just all look so amazing. Thank you for an idea. I mite as well dress my dog like one of these dogs. I never thought of this costume before but if you like after halloween and stuff I could post my dog on here with his lovely cool costume?!?! @mazing and @wsoW3!!!

Feb 14, 2009
by Anonymous

how cute

how cute