Pet Painting Made Simple With Stencils & Spray From PetPaint


Who needs to buy pet costumes when you can create your own using colored pet hair spray by PetPaint?  This is a colored hair spray that looks so natural on your pets, you will be amazed how it transforms them.  You will want to use this pet-safe fur color for any holiday or occasion, not just Halloween, and it's so darn much fun!


PetPaint colored pet hair spray: image via petpaint.comPetPaint colored pet hair spray: image via


PetPaint comes in Basset Black, Grayhound Green, Beagle Blue, Old Dog Orange, Poodle Pink, Pug Purple, Rescue Red, and Whippet White.  Design your pattern, outline it in paint, and then fill it in.  Better yet, make a stencil by drawing a design on heavy paper and cutting it out.

For a ready made design, you can choose from several packs of PetPaint Stencils.  The Animal Instinct Stencil pack includes designs for a leopard, cheetah, zebra and tiger!


 PetPaint Zebra costume: image via petpaint.comPetPaint Zebra costume: image via


The Buddy Prints stencil pack by PetPaints includes a Paw Print, Heart, Polka Dots, Star, Butterfly, and Clover.


PetPaint Valentine costume: image via petpaint.comPetPaint Valentine costume: image via


Then, there's the PetPaint Hipster Hound stencil pack, that includes Peace Fingers, a Peace Sign, Smiley Face, Cloud, Daisy, and a "LOVE" stencil.

PetPain Hipster Hound: image via petpaint.comPetPain Hipster Hound: image via


But wait!  The Hot Rod Dog stencils are so super cool, because you know your dog is a hot rod!  This stencil pack includes  Flame 1, Flame 2, Small Flame 1, Small Flame 2. Sorry, I could not find any dog images available with the 'flames,' but here are a few others, perhaps made with homemade stencils....


PetPaint Star Dog: image via petpaint.comPetPaint Star Dog: image via


PetPaint Flag dog: image via petpaint.comPetPaint Flag dog: image via


Here's a great one!


PetPaint Team T-Shirt: image via petpaint.comPetPaint Team T-Shirt: image via


PetPaint is veterinarian-tested safe for your pets; however, as with any spray, it should not be applied on your pet's head or near her eyes. It washes off easily with pet shampoo or rinses off with water.

Get your inspiration and your supplies from The site even has video tips for best pet-painting results!

That's the buzz for today!