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Pet Travel Made Easier With The Travel-Tainer For Pet Food

Taking a car trip with your pets this summer?  You already know that every inch of room in the car will be precious, so packing your pet's necessities will involve some good space economy.  I just found a wonderful container -- I mean "Travel-tainer" -- that combines pet food with pet bowls and packs them quite compactly in a 7 x 5.25 inch container with a handle for easy transport.



Rather than loading up a bag of food, water bowl, and food bowl into the back seat, you can load up the Travel-tainer with 2 quarts - 8 cups - of dry food in the clear food-safe plastic. And the water and food bowls cap the Travel-tainer with a very nice fit on both ends, so they don't take up any extra  space.





The Travel-tainer holds enough for a few days worth of food for your dog and several days for your cat.  Once you're on the road, you can always get small bags of pet food to replenish your Travel-tainer, which keeps food fresh with its airtight cap.

The Travel-tainer is not dishwasher safe, according to users. Available in blue and in pink at Amazon.


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