PetChatz Lets You Bond With Your Pet While Away


Pet parents will soon have another way to communicate with their dogs and cats while they're at work or out of town.  PetChatz, which will ship in just a few months, is now pre-selling its Greet & Treat Videophone - imagine Skype that delivers treats and scents!

Yes, PetChatz is even attractive to cats....


PetChatz Greet & Treat: image: via smithsonianmag.comPetChatz Greet & Treat: image: via


The PetChatz is really easy to mount. It needs to be placed over a wall outlet and, once mounted, connected to your home WiFi network.  You can communicate with the PetChatz through an app on your smart phone, computer, or tablet, or you can even go through the Petchatz website. 


PetChatz: image via petchatz.comPetChatz: image via


PetChatz app for easy communication: image via petchatz.comPetChatz app for easy communication: image via


PetChatz not only gives you a visual and voice connection with your dogs and cats, but allows you to deliver treats and scents if you desire.  PetChatz Treatz are made by Nutrisource and are low calorie and holistic, containing pure meats, blueberries and pomegranate, and are dog and cat friendly.


PetChatz Treatz come in liver, chicken and salmon: image via petchatz.comPetChatz Treatz come in liver, chicken and salmon: image via


PetScentz are also dispensable by the PetChatz. The Scentz come with pads and a scent bottle of essential oil, Calm.  


PetChatz Scentz: image via petchatz.comPetChatz Scentz: image via


PetChatz is the first in what is planned to be a series of telephone-alternative communication devices developed by Anser Innovation, a company dedicated to responding to markets underserved by current mobile technology, such as pets.  Dependent children and the elderly population are future markets for Anser's products.


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