Peter Piper Picked A PickleSickle?


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Yep. It's going to be the new tongue twister: "Peter Piper picked a peck of PickleSickle Pops." That would certainly tickle the co-founders of They make the puckable PickleSickle Pop and market it primarily to schools, the very place such a tongue twister might thrive.

But there's a method behind the seeming madness of the PickleSickle Pops. It's called tasty, refreshing,and healthy. John Howard, the creator of PickleSickle Pops, had made the frozen pickle juice pops for his customers at Outerskate roller skating rink and arcade in Seguin, Texas. Howard liked them, of course, but he was genuinely surprised that his pickle pops sold out every night to kids and their parents. They loved his pickle juice pops because of the taste and health benefits.

Pickles, it is known, are not only a food craved by pregnant women, but can reduce blood-sugar spikes by as much as 30 percent after a high-carbohydrate meal. Vinegar and spices used in the pickling process are also healthy additives to the diet, especially garlic and dill, that help to control the growth of unhealthy bacteria in the body. So pickles are healthy for kids, for adults, for pregnant women, for diabetics, and for overweight persons. (PickleSickle Pops have no fat and only one gram of sugar.)

There are no artificial flavorings in PickleSpickle Pops and no high fructose corn syrup... just pickles. Co-founder of PickleSickle, David Millar, says that 100 percent of the pickle is sqeezed in a process, much like apples are sqeezed in the production of apple juice. There is a whole page of health information provided in a kid-friendly way on the PickleSickle site, which is interesting for adults too.

The two entrepreneurs are doing a fantastic marketing job with PickleSickle.copyright© PickleSickle.comcopyright© They have a line of PickleSickle characters prepared to market to kids, starting with PickleSickle Bob.

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I'm only providing all these links because they're fun! If you want to just order the PickleSickle Pops, they are available here in original PickleSickle and Hot Pepper Pickle Pops starting at $17.95 for 16 pops, shipping included!

Watch for notices that PickleSickle is marketing cherry and lemon-lime flavored Pickle Pops.

One question: Are they sour or half-sour?