Petlinks System Dream Curl Curvy Two-Surface Scratcher: Product Review

Everyone who is reading this knows how hard it is to please a cat for longer than a few minutes. The Petlinks System Dream Curl Curvy Two-Surface Scratcher (I think I got that all in) will likely please your cat for a longer period of time. How long, as always, depends on your cat and what else she has to scratch.

Notice that the Petlinks "Curvy" is not your average $25 eyesore for cats. Even though you can have a Curvy delivered to your house for only $30 from several online pet stores, when you take it out of the box, you will be delighted at the value you are getting. The Curvy is really a very sturdy piece of cat furniture you might expect to cost more.

Petlinks Curvy is a double U-shaped board covered with a short looped carpet, except for a small area on the hump of one curve that is covered in a medium coarse sisal. The carpeting is patterned on one side, a beige-brown, pretty harmless to your decor, and a solid color on the opposite side - ours is black. The velvet trim acts as a textural and visual transition to each section of the Curvy and nicely covers the outside rim of the board so there are no rough edges.

Cat will love the Curvy and play all over it, entertaining you in ways you could not imagine by looking at at the Curvy. Cat is doing that because Curvy has a elasticized catnip scented ball hanging down from one side of it. Cat will try from many angles to reach this ball, but after he does,and tears it off, some of his enthusiasm for the Curvy scratcher will dissipate. That ball was the challenge.

With the catnip ball attached, I would place the Curvy in my interactive cat toy category; without the ball, the Curvy is a comfy place for Cat to nap and an occasional scratcher, if you season it with plenty of catnip.

But Curly isn't the thing that keeps Cat from scratching the furniture.

Here are my recommendations to cat scratcher and cat toy companies:

1. Design an oversized chair out of carpet and or sisal; you know, like a living room size chair, an eco-friendly, ultra-modern people chair for cats.

2. Invent a way to keep the dangle toys dangling for infinity, or a way to easily re-attach them, but only once a year, when they fall off.

3. Hire a savvy marketer who can make your product into a brand name. "Petlinks System Dream Curl Curvy Two-Surface Scratcher" just doesn't cut it. This is a product for a cat, not a paper for the National Academy of Sciences!

That's the buzz for today!

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