Pets Honored Through This Thoughtful Memorial: The Farewell Pet Kit


It's the goodbye no one wants to say.  When we have to say it, it's usually because we, as adults, have had to take matters into our own hands and provide a humane death for our pet.  It's an ugly experience and we hate ourselves long afterward for being 'humane.'  Then, there's little available to help us grieve.  And how do we help our children deal with, perhaps, the first loss of a close companion?


Farewell Pet Kit - Casket/Keepsake BoxFarewell Pet Kit - Casket/Keepsake Box


Farewell Pet Kit GuidesFarewell Pet Kit GuidesThe folks at Farewell Pet Kit had just this experience before they started a business which would help other pet owners say goodbye to their pets with care, thoughtfulness, and honor.  They designed beautiful caskets and urns, all birch wood, totally eco-friendly and bio-degradable. Then they hired a grief counselor to help them design a workbook for children and a non-ecumenIcle service for children and adults, as well as a guide for adults to help them deal with their grief.


So, the Farewell Pet Kits come with a casket, which can be used instead as a keepsake box, or an urn; paints and brushes so the family can personalize the box; a plaque, which can be affixed to the side or top of the box or kept separately as a memento; a Workbook for children to help them deal with their loss; and a Guidebook and Memorial service, described as an "age-appropriate, non-denominational funeral and burial ceremony designed to guide family members through the grieving process."


Farewell Pet Kits sizes (smallest is used as urn)Farewell Pet Kits sizes (smallest is used as urn)


Farewell Pet Kits personalizedFarewell Pet Kits personalized

The Farewell Pet Kits are not just pet products, but a true service for pet owners, whether they have children or not. The Kits are very thorough, thoughtful, and reasonably priced.


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