My Pet Speaker: Nirvana To Their Ears

A musician with a love for animals has created My Pet Speaker, a special speaker that removes sounds that are irritating to dogs, cats, and horses, leaving in the sounds that soothe them.  My Pet Speaker is the first sound system ever created that's attuned to the hearing sensitivities of our pets. After listening to our music blasting all around them, the sounds that come from the Pet Speaker will seem like pet Nirvana.


My Pet Speaker by Pet AcousticsMy Pet Speaker by Pet Acoustics


Dogs, cats, and horses are all sensitive to different events in their environments and, usually, our presence and reassurance will eventually calm them down, but what happens when we're not around?  Whether our absence causes the disturbance or some unexpected occurrence - thunder, an earthquake, another dog barking outside... whatever is stressing them, can cause them terrible anguish.


My Pet Speaker by Pet AcousticsMy Pet Speaker by Pet Acoustics


My Pet Speaker in horse stables: by Pet AcousticsMy Pet Speaker in horse stables: by Pet Acoustics


I had a dog whose anxiety attacks drove him to destroying blinds, curtains, doors, cabinets, and furniture when I left the house.  One day, he tore through a screen door and managed to jump over a 4 foot high balcony to land on his head 12 feet below onto pavement.  How he survived, suffering only a concussion and a broken leg, I'll never know, but his separation anxiety almost killed him. 

The Pet Speaker has "an omni-directional speaker with a 4" drive unit and cone reflector that disburses music in 360 degrees, recreating how animals hear in nature," reads the description which, I'm telling you, is more pet-centered than my speakers are human-centered.

My Pet Speaker is pricey at $250, but if you have horses, or you have a dog and cat with severe separation anxiety, and the Pet Speaker works... it's worth every penny of it. You can play your own music on My Pet Speaker and it will adjust it for your pet's ears, or you can purchase the CDs created by Pet Acoustics.

Pet Acoustics via NY Times


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