Pets Keeping You From A Good Night's Sleep? Pet Bunk Beds May Help

Pets in bed: image via WebMD.comPets in bed: image via WebMD.comThe best part of sleeping with your pets is getting cozy together... them making a fitted nest in the bends of your waist, knees, or elbows before you all comfortably drift off to sleep. The problems come later when you can't move from that original position, which is not that cozy anymore, without causing great disturbance.

My cat, for example, translates the slightest movement of my cramped arm as 'petting time,' and will persistently poke at my head and arms, whining in high-pitched persistent cat sounds for affection.  My dog, on the other hand, will begin one of his slow rising growls, the ones that start like a stirring volcano and end up in a huge firefall of loud fearsome air attacks a few minutes later. There's a reason for the expression 'Let sleeping dogs lie.'

Anyway, sleeping with your pets can cause more sleeplessness than comfort, not to mention pet hairs all over your bed linens. A few companies have come out with what may be a solution for you and your pets to get a good night's sleep: pet bunk beds.  Theoretically, the top bunk of the bed reaches the level of your own so that you can feel near to each other and see each other without actually being on top of one another.  The bunk beds have two levels, so if you only have one pet bed companion, he will have his pick of landings.


1.  LazyBonezz Metropolitan Pet Bunk-Bed

The LazyBonezz is a spiffy designer pet bed made of high quality wood with stainless steel accents. The 34 x 18 x 22.5 inch bed is nice and sturdy, with a 30 pound capacity at each level.  Cushions are recessed in the box-like beds and are covered with washable microfiber cases.  The steps have non-slip textured surfaces.  Wood comes in ebony, espresso, and white, and fabrics include Zebra, Giraffe, Panther, silver and sand.  (find pet bunk bed)


 LazyBonezz Metropolitan Pet Bunk BedLazyBonezz Metropolitan Pet Bunk Bed


LazyBonezz Metropolitan Pet Bunk BedLazyBonezz Metropolitan Pet Bunk Bed



2.  LogDogBed Bunk Bed

Looking like a little log cabin, the LogDogBed Bunk Bed is great for two small to medium sized pets. Made of northern white cedar, and fitted with fiber-filled cotton zippered pillows, the Bunk Bed is 30"L x 20"W x 24"H.  This bed can also be disassembled to make two separate beds. (find pet bunk bed)


 LogDogBed Bunk BedLogDogBed Bunk Bed



3.  Co-Sleeper® Portable Pet Bunk/Pet Crate

Co-Sleeper Pet Bunk Bed & Crate with Plush Liner accessoryCo-Sleeper Pet Bunk Bed & Crate with Plush Liner accessoryThe Co-Sleeper, made by baby sleeper-maker Arms Reach, is reaching out to pets now, putting them at bed's eye view of their owners. Their bunk beds are made for small to medium dogs, as well as large dogs, and are equally great for cats, and the beds actually attach to your bed, assuring that they'll 'measure up.' 

While the upper surface of the Co-Sleeper can serve as a bed, so can the lower surface, which can be enclosed and used for a pet crate, making the Co-Sleeper a dual-pupose portable bed/crate, great for travel. (It folds up too!)  The steel frame is covered with a polyester canvas fabric that has a washable pillow and mattress cover.  You can also purchase accessories for the bed, like the plush liners shown below.

The small to medium Co-Sleeper Pet Bunk Bed/Crate is 34” x 20” x 25” and can hold up to 50 pounds; the larger size is  40” x 28” x 25” and holds up to 75 pounds.  Both will be available in Cocoa and Gray.  Yes... will be.  The Cocoa Co-Sleeper Pet Bunk Beds will be available on June 30, 2010 and the Gray on July 30, 2010. (find pet bunk bed).


Co-Sleeper Pet Bunk Bed & Crate with Plush Liner accessory: ©Arm's Reach ConceptsCo-Sleeper Pet Bunk Bed & Crate with Plush Liner accessory: ©Arm's Reach Concepts


Co-Sleeper Pet Bunk Bed & Crate with Plush Liner accessory: ©Arm's Reach ConceptsCo-Sleeper Pet Bunk Bed & Crate with Plush Liner accessory: ©Arm's Reach Concepts


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May 30, 2010
by Joshua
Joshua's picture

Infectious disease! Why are you sleeping with Pluto?

Lady Bee- I agree that bunk beds are a great solution to sleeping comfortably throughout the night. More of a concern for me are the bugs and insects carried onto your bed by your pet. Parents, are you aware of the dangerous infectious diseases you are exposing your kids to by letting Fifi sleep with your child?

Jun 1, 2010
by Anonymous

Awesome idea for getting more sleep at night!

I need someone to teach my Kitty to sleep in the bunk bed. Instead he comes to the door and scratches for company between 3:21 and 4:21 a.m. EVERY freaking morning. He's mean to his parents! (But he is 16 years old, which is like 100+ in human terms - so we get up with him.)

Cherie K. Miller

Aug 14, 2010
by Anonymous

paranoid much??

My dog happens to be named Fifi, and she has been sleeping with me for the past 18 yrs. yes, I was a child when I got her, and no, I have never caught any "infectious diseases" from my girl. My god no wonder so many kids have autism and a.d.d and every other `syndrome` under the moon now a days. Paranoid ppl like u! not exposing the kids to ANYTHING. Makes me sick. I would hope u don`t have any pets, and if u do, I feel sorry for them because there are probably being deprived of the loving, caring family they DESERVE.