Peugeot using Frankfurt to Unveil Hybrids by the Handful

This year's Frankfurt Motor Show is looking more and more like a stage for hybrid introductions. Among the many automakers that are planning on unveiling new eco-friendly concepts, Peugeot has come forward with a new kind of hybrid drive system aimed at keeping complexity to a bare minimum.

It has been known that the RCZ sports coupe would be appearing this year as a production model, but recently is has come to light that Peugeot is also planning on revealing a concept that uses the RCZ foundation with their new HYBrid4 system.

The HYBrid4 drivetrain is a parallel hybrid system that uses a traditional internal combustion engine to power the front wheels while the electric spins the rear axle. As mentioned before, this reduces the complexity of the entire powertrain, as well as offering a more favorable weight distribution. The latter of which is important as sports cars such as the RCZ.

The system is able to operate in either full electric or internal combustion modes independently. When some additional power is needed, both systems can be tapped to get power to all four corners.

Peugeot is currently slating the gasoline powered RCZ for a spring 2010 production, with the HYBrid4 version currently listed as a concept. When it does hit the streets, the RCZ will be boasting a respectable 200 horsepower.

The French auto maker is also planning to show the upcoming model 3008 HYBrid4 crossover, which is expected to into production by early 2011. The 3008 will be using Peugeot's diesel engine for part time power.

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Aug 27, 2009
by Anonymous

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