Philanthropy To Go - Philanthroper Makes Giving Easy

There are a bunch of ways to give to good causes but, frankly, it's usually a pain in the butt. First, you've got to find the cause you like, then you've got to determine if it's legit, then you have to justify spending at least their minimum recommended donation of - say - $25, then you get the guilts about all the other causes you haven't donated to; and all the time you're wondering whether your credit card is being used to buy the latest Kinect down in Argentina.

So you end up spending the money on beer instead, and giving the whole idea up as a bad joke. Meanwhile, some kid in Somalia is still wondering what happened to his mommy and daddy, and where he's going to sleep tonight, and how on earth is he ever going to find something to eat again. But you're half drunk by now, and they're showing home videos of guys getting hit in the balls on TV, which is really, really funny when you're on a bender and feeling sorry for yourself, so it doesn't really matter anymore.

Then you have to deal with the hangover in the morning, and another stultifying day at the office, and it all happens again. Except this time it's an exposé on Charlie Sheen that keeps you up 'til 1am, beer in hand.

Pain in the butt, really.

Unless you're a member of Philanthroper. Then you'd be receiving inspirational stories about well-researched, worthwhile charities, daily in your email, and being given the opportunity to donate $1 - that's right, one lousy dollar - to said cause. Then you could feel good about yourself, and know deep in your heart that even if it wasn't the best cause, there'll be another one tomorrow, and it was just a buck, and someone, somewhere is a little better off because you clicked a button.

Better still, 99 cents of every dollar you donate is securely withdrawn from your bank account via mPayy, and given directly to the charity. Not only is this a way better return on investment than you'll find anywhere else online, but only mPayy ever gets your bank account details. Not Philanthroper (which takes nothing), not the charity, just mPayy - which uses Triple DES encryption to ensure that your details are as safe as they can possibly be out there in the ether.

And think of all the money you'll save on beer!

The thing that really hits home about Philanthroper is the way it captures the essence of Katherine Fulton's vision for the democratization of philanthropy, incorporating the mass collaboration, aggregated giving, online philanthropy marketplaces, innovation, and social investing that she speaks so eloquently of here: