Philips Japan To Award Diamonds Made From Contest Winners' Beards

Combine Philips shavers, a man-made diamond and the Shaving Queen of Japan and you've got the makings of one of the weirdest contests in product marketing history.

Imagine answering your door early one fine morning to find Japan's Shaving Queen, ready and willing to remove a sample of your beard - which will then be carbonized and pressed into a 0.3 carat diamond. Well stop dreaming, Philips Electronics Japan is actually going to make it happen for a half dozen lucky winners!



Here's how it works: Philips Electronics Japan wants to promote their new Arcitec series of 4 electric razors. They're encouraging men to visit a special website where they can watch videos of 20 different women playing around with an Arcitec shaver. The girls pretend to shave (their faces, what did you think?) and try to look cute & appealing. Vote for your fave and the winner becomes the Shaving Queen of Japan - a heck of a thing to have on one's resume. But wait, there's more...



At the end of January 2010, the elected Shaving Queen will visit the home of a contest winner to obtain a sample of his beard... not sure exactly HOW she'll do the actual sampling but whatever. Two more winners will receive similar visits & samplings in April and five more get their turns from June through October.

The beard samples? Ah yes, they're carbonized and pressed into 0.3 carat diamonds, which are then presented to the contest winners at a special ceremony. Now you might wonder, what's a guy going to do with a diamond made from his beard? He could save it until he needs an engagement ring, but then he'll have to explain where it came from... eww.

Then he'll have to explain how he got the glittering gem in the first place, which was by watching videos of 20 cute Other Women and voting for the one he thought was the cutest... who was then crowned Shaving Queen of Japan. Uh yeah, good luck with that, dude. (via Impress Watch)

Nov 28, 2009
by Anonymous

from facial hair to diamonds?!

So this beard shaver makes diamonds out of facial hair?! That is out of control! How is that even possible?

Nov 29, 2009
by Anonymous

There has to be one dude fool enough not to understand...