Philips Lights Up Milan With Interactive OLED Lighting Designs

The leading and most progressive lighting designer in the world has not disappointed at Milan Design Week '09. Netherlands-based Royal Phillips Electronics introduced the world's first interactive OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diodes) lighting concepts for professional and home use. These exciting designs respond to you, wherever you are, and take your intuitive cues very personally.

Each of Philips installations at the Milan show has a different set of features, but they're all show-offs in one deserved way or another.  This hanging lamp, for example, boasts flat lights that respond to a wave of the hand or just your presence in a certain area.





Another flat-bulb lighting design for a desk lamp allows you to raise or dim the lights by a wave of your hand, like a magic wand!



And finally, this lit mirrored wall which adds new meaning to home movies...


How much fun could you have with that wall of lights?


Royal Phillips Electronics via

Apr 30, 2009
by Anonymous

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I am a retired R & D engineer (from Motorola) and now I fill my time with experiments on LED's in home lighting. This article is very enlightening. My 30 something son has developed an interest in LED used for accent lighting to set a mood.

Wilburn Edwards