Philips Marathon Vacuum Cleaner Really Sucks! (In a Good Way of Course)

Philips is trying to clean house in the vacuum cleaner market with their new Marathon bagless cylinder vacuum cleaner. For those people who have always wanted a Dyson vacuum cleaner but couldn't afford the high price tag, this may be the cleaner for you, because it costs about $150 less than comparable Dysons.
Philips Marathon Vacuum CleanerPhilips Marathon Vacuum Cleaner

I'm no expert on vacuum cleaners, but the Philips Marathon cleaner appealed to me because of its sleek, futuristic look and also its power. Philips claims that the Marathon's 2,000 watt motor is capable of generating a long-lasting 350 watts of suction. This amount of suction is tops in the Marathon's class, and it makes it safe to say that this vacuum cleaner really does suck. Philips also claims that this high amount of suction is maintained over a much longer period of time than typical vacuum cleaners because of the Marathon's innovative cyclone filter design.

This vacuum also does a great job of filtering out dust and dirt particles by using a HEPA 12 filter that will supposedly filter out 99.5% of the "bad stuff" and only allows clean air to be blown out of the vacuum. The Philips Marathon comes equipped with 3 different attachments which will pretty much clean any type of flooring (wood, carpet, vinyl, laminate, etc.).
Philips Marathon Vacuum CleanerPhilips Marathon Vacuum Cleaner

The Marathon is relatively small in size, and it weighs just under 16 pounds. Philips says that this is one of the quietest vacuums in its class at about 76db. Most vacuums range from 60db-85db. Philips has done a nice job of creating the most powerful vacuum cleaner in its class while still keeping the price very competitive. You can pick-up the Philips Marathon bagless cylinder vacuum cleaner for about $350, which is much less than some comparable Dyson models.

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Apr 25, 2008
by Anonymous


Dyson does not have filters. This one does. =( There are a lot of Dyson like vacuums now available at Wal Mart.