Philips Men's Body Shaver Keeps Guys Smooth, Girls Smitten

Does she ask you why... why, you're a hairy guy? Unless your name's Billy Cowsill and you're both performing in the Broadway musical Hair, you could have a problem. Well, Philips Japan has something for that: a new line of Bodygroom and Bodygroom Pro men's body shavers set to hit Japanese store shelves this May 21st.

The Philips TT2040 Bodygroom Pro promises to turn any overly hirsute guy into a plucked chicken in no time at all. Why would any guy want to shave everything below the neckline? To please the ladies, of course... results of a survey conducted by Bodygrooming Japan showed that 68.6 percent of Japanese women preferred their men to be smooth as a baby's bottom. We'll bend over backwards to please the gals, and this time we'll have our body shavers at the ready!

The top-of-the-line TT2040 is powered by an integral rechargeable battery that will run for 50 minutes on a full charge - enough for even Lon Chaney Jr. in werewolf make-up. Charging takes about 8 hours, however.

Users can choose from 5 different hair length settings, ideal for those who prefer the trendy "body stubble" look & feel... and who doesn't, amiright?

The Philips TT2040 and other men's body shavers by Philips are available for pre-order at Amazon Japan. The TT2040 lists for 9,980 yen (about $105) but other models are up to 2/3 cheaper. With Philips' longstanding presence in the men's shaving and grooming biz, you can expect these body shavers to perform reliably, effectively and painlessly - and hey, anything's better than waxing. (via Impress Watch) Philips also has a great line of body shavers available in the US from Amazon.

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