Philly Kitchen Share: Rent A Professional Kitchen For Holiday Cooking

There are businesses renting just about everything these days, including workspaces like offices, product testing areas and more. Now, a new company is offering a different type of space for people to work in when they don't have their own, and it's something that could come in handy this holiday season.

Philly Kitchen SharePhilly Kitchen Share

Over the holidays, there can be too many cooks in a kitchen and sometimes hosts and hostesses just need a space of their own to get their meals prepared for gatherings. Philly Kitchen Share is an industrial kitchen space for rent that's actually marketed towards professional chefs and caterers looking to get their business of the ground. But, if there's availability; money talks, nab a space for the holidays to escape your own packed kitchen!

Via: TrendHunter

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Beth Graddon-Hodgson
New Business Ideas

Dec 18, 2009
by Anonymous

Many needs worldwide for this servicde

Needed worldwide esp:

Wash DC
Hilo HI
Kona HI
Maui HI

Worldwide franchise alone- renting kitchens for Group use events or for events.