Phonevite® Gets Best In Show From Public And ITEXPO West

Phonevite™, an Internet-based telephone messaging system that debuted last year, has won Best of Show at the 2008 Technology Marketing Corporation's Internet Telephony Conference and Expo (ITEXPO) West, beating 150 other competitors for this prize. This already very popular service is just getting its recognition from the technology community.

If the technology is anywhere near as easy as it looks, why has it taken so long? It probably isn't.

But Phonevite makes sending voice messages so much easier and more user friendly that other VOIP message services, that once you know about it, you wonder why it wasn't created before!

Directed at "grass roots' users, Phonevite's customers include small businesses, church and civic groups, schools, and even sports teams. After you register on the Phonevite site, you will receive a code number by phone that you will use to access your information. After logging on, you just follow these simple instructions.

1. Create contact lists of people and their phone numbers. You can organize the contacts into different groups.

2. Here's where Phonevite shines! You record your message... either from your computer through a microphone, or from your land telephone, or from your wireless telephone. Yes, you can even send a message from your cell phone!

3. Then presto! Your message is sent.

That's all there is to it.... except that you can request responses from your recipients. Let's say you want to delay a meeting for one hour, but you need to know who is showing up. So, you record your message, it goes to the 12 participants and, following your instructions, they can respond right there and then, without even hanging up. You will have your own voice-mail account which you can reach from any phone! There will also be a tracking statement in your Internet account of who received your message and who confirmed.

Oh, I forgot to tell you: Phonevite is a free service! At least for those who only need to reach a maximum of 25 people with one message. After 25, it costs $.05 per person that receives the message, either personally or through an answering machine.

But you can read all about this and more on the Phonevite website. Do check it out!

via:, Phonevite