'Phoney' Marriage Proposal in China

The latest viral video to come out of China features a young man's unique marriage proposal, created by making a sort of LED screen out of hundreds of cell phones. The display was then programmed to display a surprise romantic message to the unsuspecting girlfriend. Check out the video and see for yourself:



But strangely, this proposal turned out to be 'phoney' in more ways that one. According to Youku Buzz the video is actually a viral ad created for IBM’s RSC 2009 Developer Conference. I think it's still pretty cool all the same.

You gotta wonder if such a situation were to happen in real life, would any girl appreciate such a nerdy wedding proposal? Women always seem to be in competition with a man's gadgets for his love, so I wouldn't be surprised to see her go Godzilla all over the display. Whatever the case, I think the roses at the end of the video are a necessary and wise addition, for sure.

Note: If you have trouble viewing the Youtube video, try the original link here on Youku.com. Cheers to the folks over at Youku buzz for pointing this one out.