Physiobench: Online Business Promotes Home Health With Remote Advice

New technologies under development in the senior care industry are increasingly focusing on helping seniors remain independent in their homes and receive the treatment they need, via technology, without ever stepping out their front doors. Following this trend is Physiobench, a new health-based company from the UK which for a fee will prescribe a physiotherapy treatment regimen for any injury.

According to Physiobench, most injuries do not require rehabilitation by a physiotherapist. Individuals should be more than capable of completing the exercises on their own to increase the strength of their injury once they know the best way to go about it. Seniors recovering from injuries and others requiring rehabilitation at any age simply sign up, describe their injury using the form provided, and select the physiotherapist they'd like to receive advice from. Physiobench only requires payment at the end of the assessment, before the physiotherapist sets up a therapy plan to treat your injury.

Since not all injuries can be treated at home, without the hands-on help of a physiotherapist, Physiobench assures its clientele that a physiotherapist will advice them if independent treatment at home would be detrimental to their recovery.

As seniors and the rest of the population try to take matters of their health into their own hands, I'm sure we will see more businesses emerging that provide medical advice remotely to encourage societies turn towards independence.

Apr 16, 2009
by Anonymous


was it you that posted an article about a small device that send electrical currents or something like that to ease the pain? could you link it in the comments section? It was on the inventorspot but dont remember when or by who the article was.