Pi4-Workerbot Lends Hands To Assembly Lines

In an effort to help automate and articulate production lines, especially those that involve the creation of complex or intricate products, German geniuses Fraunhofer have gotten in on the robot craze, creating the Pi4-Workerbot, perhaps the closest thing yet to a Frankenstein Complex believer’s nightmare. 


The Pi4 looks a great deal like it has a traffic light for a head, a wastebasket for a torso and a tool cabinet for a body – not particularly threatening in any sense.




Fraunhofer’s Workerbot is intended to feature three head-cameras, one on its forehead that can record images in 3D, and two on either side of its head in order to get multiple views of any object it is holding.


The Workerbot will also include two arms with hands that can be tuned for finger-tip sensitivity in order to handle delicate parts and deal with interlocking items that don’t immediately fit.

Pi4-Workerbot: clever and scary.Pi4-Workerbot: clever and scary.


What all this means is that the Pi4 will be able to analyze objects in 3D and in real-time, and then make corrections in order to ensure that parts are put together properly and fit snugly.


In addition, the Workerbot is being given the ability to demonstrate its current “state of mind” through facial expressions – when all is well and parts are going together, it will look happy, but if it wants more work, it will look bored.


No word on if it will have an “angry face”.


While robots like this one are often a frightening prospect for workers employed in the production industry as mechanical men can work 24/7 without the need for breaks or food, they are also a concern for those that predict some sort of Matrix-like robot apocalypse.


Is the Pi4 the first step in a robotic revolution?


Maybe – but at least they’ll look happy while conquering humanity.


Source: Fraunhofer