A 61 Key Piano That Fits In Your Pocket - The Yamano Hand ROll Piano

Musical bands used to be restricted to practicing at their keyboard player's house or studio. With the advent of electronic pianos, the largest keyboard instrument became portable. Oscar Peterson would have loved this: a piano so portable, you can roll it up and put it in your jacket pocket! The Yamano Hand ROll Piano is also digital!



Imagine, the Yamano Roll-Up Piano (No, it's not a Yamaha!) weighs only two pounds! It has most of the features of a full size electric piano, but the keyboard is made of silicon enabling its flexibility. An ABS plastic coating makes the keys nice and slick, just like ebony and ivory!




Here are some of the ROll Up Piano's features:

  • Full Size 61 Standard Keys (C2-C7) 5 Octave + 1 Key Keyboard with Standard MIDI Out - 16 Output Channel Design
  • 128 Tone Repertoire, 100 Background Rhythms, 20 Demo Tunes and 16-note Polyphony
  • Built in Speaker with Digital Volume Control; Plug-in jack for headphones or external speakers or amplifiers
  • Roll it up and put it inside the included pouch for easy storage or travel with ease.
  • Can be operated with 4 AA batteries (12 - 15 hours run time) or the included AC Adaptor

With the economy on the slide, how many amateur musicians can afford to buy an a digital or electric piano? How many parents would love to give their children an opportunity to learn to play the piano, but can't afford one. This holiday, the Yamano ROll Up Piano would be a great gift for either a piano student or band member. And a music teacher could carry this piano from lesson to lesson!


Available at Amazon.com for about $100!

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