Pick the Right Moment to Take a Bathroom Break with RunPee

Surely you've been in the position where you have to run out to the bathroom in the middle of a movie, but you don't want to miss anything good.  It's so hard to gage when the right time to take a leak is.  And with the price of movie tickets always going up, you sure don't want to ruin your viewing experience just to go to the bathroom.  That's where RunPee comes in.  They'll let you know when is the best time in the movie to go do your business.

No, it's not a joke.  RunPee is actually a pretty useful site, for what it's worth. The site has been featured on NPR and Net@Night, and now good old InventorSpot.  They've got merchadise including mugs, tee-shirts, and even maternity wear.  RunPee is pretty accurate, too.  On the lefthand portion of the site, you'll see all the latest films, and having seen most of them, I can vouche for the boring parts that you could probably sneak out on.

 You could probably even use RunPee as an indicator of how good a movie is, too.  Like if RunPee lists several spots that you can leave the movie and not really miss anything, doesn't that indicate that the movie isn't really worth seeing?  You'll also notice that each "RunPee" has a complete description of when the instance occurs, how long it lasts, and there's a scambled teaser section that you can choose to read if you want ot know what you'll be missing.

I have to say that I'm impressed with how seriously RunPee takes itself.  It seems to be quite useful and accurate.  Pregnant women will probably get the most use out of it, though.  Go take a look at the service, and let us know what you got out of RunPee in the comments.

Jun 1, 2009
by Anonymous

I thought this was going to

I thought this was going to be something disgusting (maybe because of the color scheme?) but this seems like a good idea. Neat neat

Jun 2, 2009
by Chris Weiss

Very cool

I don't go to the movies much ever since On Demand came out, but this is a pretty cool idea.

Jun 7, 2009
by Anonymous

It's a stupid idea and is bound to fail

Hi, RunPee creator here: Thanks so much for the post. It's very surreal to read about ones project all over the news. Being on InventorSpot is way cool. Much better than the WashingtonPost - who didn't say a word about RunPee!

One common misconception is that the PeeTimes listed are the boring parts of the movie. It's more accurate to say that they are the easiest scenes to sum up. Often times that is a fairly boring scene - like in Angels & Demons - but in Star Trek the first PeeTime is in fact an action scene. But it's fairly easy to describe what happens. Plus many of the scenes during that PeeTime were in the credits which helps.

I'm still working on features to make it even better: like is there a scene at the end of the credits. Plus the iPhone version is coming soon!

Jun 9, 2009
by Austin Keenan
Austin Keenan's picture

It's so awesome how many

It's so awesome how many people are psyched about this site!  Congrats, creator, and keep it up!

Austin Keenan
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