Pick-Pockets Beware: That iPod You Stole is Being Tracked!

Have you ever had an iPod, cell phone, iMac, digital camera, or other expensive electronic device stolen from you?

Many people have, and most of these people never see that device again. Ken Westin, CEO of GadgetTrak, is sick and tired of thieves getting away with these stolen goods free and clear. He recently started the company in Portland, Oregon to help track these electronic stolen goods so that they return to the rightful owners.

The GadgetTrak product works with any electronic device that utilizes USB Mass Storage. This would include many of the popular electronic devices on the market today; for a complete list of compatible devices, visit GadgetTrak. A custom download is generated for the compatible device, which is then put into the device's USB storage partition. The device is now able to be tracked once it is reported stolen, by the user.

How the GadgetTrak System worksHow the GadgetTrak System works


When a device is stolen, it is eventually connected to the Internet via USB or other connection. Once this connection occurs with the stolen device, GadgetTrak is able to locate where the device is, along with a host of other important information, down to a city radius. User's can log into their GadgetTrak account to see a full report of where their device is, including maps of where their stolen device has been. These reports can be printed out and used in police reports. GadgetTrak does not directly recover the stolen device, but they do cooperate with authorities or school officials (if item is stolen on campus).

GadgetTrak works with cell phonesGadgetTrak works with cell phones

GadgetTrak will also work with cell phones. When a stolen cell phone's SIM card is replaced with a new one, an automatic SMS message is sent to predetermined numbers with information that will help in recovery of the device.

The technology that the GadgetTrak system uses is simple, yet quite revolutionary. It seems like this technology really works. This new company seems to be very proud of their success. As of the date of this writing, GadgetTrak has helped recover 5 out of a total of 6 stolen devices reported to them.

This technology is a good investment for your expensive electronic devices. Prices range from $12 up to $39.95 depending upon the type of device you wish to protect. This type of insurance is a small price to pay, considering a stolen iMac may be $2,000 down the drain!


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Nov 17, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

That iPod You Stole is Being

That iPod You Stole is Being Tracked!???????????
WHAT THE F? did u mean iPhone?