Picnic Ware Made Friendly, Not Just For Earth Day!

I set out to find a nice picnic basket as a gift for Mother's Day and right on this very Earth Day, I found something really special: a set of Biodegradable Picnic Ware!  More to my surprise though, this eco-friendly set of plates, bowls, and cups for four persons is made from a plant very much like the sweet pototo... the cassava.

The cassava plant comes from the sub-Saharan regions of Africa, an area that depended on cassava for its food and export, until a blight hit the plant and devastated all of it.  Recently, with new technologies, those African regions are again planting and producing sustainable crops and sustainable livelihoods for millions of farmers who lost that livelihood during the blight.

But, I digress. There's the 'flatware," the knives, forks, and spoons, made of wood.  Why you could just bury all of your tableware and let it nourish the soil after a few months of biodegrading.  But, why do that?  You can reuse it!  When it's worn out, bury it; if you want it to degrade faster, give it a drink of water!


Firebox.com does a great job of wrapping up the set in a gingham or camouflage cotton/polyester cloth for your table or for you to wear as a bandana, all covered in a biodegradable plastic wrapper!  I feel good about getting this for a Mother's Day gift; I'll be helping save the earth, helping to sustain a new farming culture in Africa, and my Mom will be delighted!