PicoBrew Soon To Make Brewing Craft Beer As Simple As Brewing Coffee

PicoBrew Soon to Make Brewing Beer as Simple as Brewing Coffee: Craft Beer Countertop BrewerPicoBrew Soon to Make Brewing Beer as Simple as Brewing Coffee: Craft Beer Countertop Brewer


With the advent of handy-dandy little brewing devices like the Keurig coffee maker has come a flurry of copycats, but now someone has taken it one step beyond with a home brewing appliance for making craft beer right in your own kitchen. It’s called the Pico, from a company known as PicoBrew, and the machine allows users to brew their own individual pints of craft beer using ready-to-brew “PicoPaks” similar to the one-cup coffee design. The paks were developed in conjunction with more than 100 craft breweries to cover a multitude of tastes, so there’s a little sumpin' sumpin' for everybody.


The design concept made an appearance at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, and it drew a lot of positive attention. So much so that it confirmed to the developers that there was a lot of demand for a product like this, based on the public’s interest. The idea of being able to brew one pint at a time and not having to worry about a larger quantity going flat or not being happy with the outcome of a new variety you’re experimenting with is appealing to a lot of beer drinkers. With so many varieties to choose from, it also gives adventurous types an opportunity to try different beers out without committing to an entire batch.

Craft Beer

Over the last decade or so craft beer brewing at home has gotten extremely popular. The craft beer trend may have started in the ‘90s with microbreweries popping up everywhere for a while, but home brewing itself has really started to expand. PicoBrew CEO and Founder Bill Mitchell was noted as saying that, “A lot of people just want fresh craft beer like they had in the brew pub. They realized cans and bottles staled and they wanted to get the fresh product.” The device and the product it produced were so popular that it was recognized as a 2016 CES honoree for the event’s Innovation Awards.


Like so many great innovative products to come along in recent years, the Pico got its start on Kickstarter. As a testament to the craft beer home brewing movement, PicoBrew was able to raise a whopping $1,403,359.00 from only 1,898 backers of the project. That was its last officially tally as of December 1, 2015. Who knows how much more support for the product has poured in over the last three-and-a-half months? They were able to reach their $200k goal for the entire campaign in only nine hours back in October of 2015, and the numbers just kept climbing from there.

What is Craft Beer?

If you’re not a beer connoisseur, you may be wondering exactly what craft beer is as opposed to bottled or canned beer from well-known breweries such as Anheuser-Busch. Craft beer can and does come in bottles and cans, but it’s produced in much smaller quantities (than its mass-produced cousins) usually by independent brewers using a more traditional approach and often with a higher alcohol content by volume. According to the site CraftBeer.com, “each beer lover has a unique interpretation” to share. If you’d like to learn more on the subject, visit their website or the Brewers Association. Pico, in the meantime, is now available for preordering through Kickstarter.