Pillow With Retractable Umbrella: Great Idea?

United States Patent 6711769 also known as The Pillow With a Retractable Umbrella, is hardly sweeping the beaches of the nation. The reason for this is because it is a ridiculous invention even though quite practical in concept. The pillow/umbrella may be stored in a case, which permits easy transport and when opened, allows a sun-worshipper to lay his/her head on the pillow while covering their face from sunlight. (Excuse me, but have I forgotten the reason people go to the beach in the first place?)


Introduced to the free world in 2004, this instant invention, while erect, allows the user to rotate and swivel the umbrella for proper positioning. Forget about suntan lotion, that annoying sun-block number, dark glasses and all those other useless beach accessories. Just bring along your pillow umbrella and blanket to the beach and burn the rest of your body to a crisp in the process! The easily transportable pillow with retractable umbrella allows for the storage of items within, but why bother? (Your blanket won’t fit in there anyway.)

Beach accessories are a source of inspiration for many inventions, some of which are pretty silly as well. Consider Aditi Simai Tiwari’s piece, “The Filterbrella -- Rain Filtering Umbrella” and Elizabeth Valeri’s article, “Great Invention Idea? Get Your St. Patrick's Day Party On With These 3 Patents!

And so my fellow beach goers, this pillow armed with a retractable umbrella is not likely to set off a storm of interest. If it appeals to you, then be my guest. May I interest you, however, in a set of entertaining dark glasses with lenses covered by a row of hula dancers dancing across the bridge of your nose as you lie in the sand?

No? Well, so be it.

Happy beach.

Dec 17, 2008
by Anonymous

Possible joint

Hi, I would like to know how can I get in touch with the inventor of this item? I have been thinking about a new product and this Pillow has some basic elements which I think I might be able to use in creating the prototype.

Dec 18, 2008
by Cosetta
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invnetor of pillow/umbrella


Hi there-

I would suggest going to the patent itself which is the first link in the article. I believe the inventor's name is there somepace. I don't know about getting in touch, but maybe you could write to him or her via the patent office.

Hope that helps


Thanks for your comment.  

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