'Pillow Talk' Phone Headrests Enable Conversations via Cushion

Old and busted: phone headsets. New hotness: phone headrests! The “Dare to Demo” star-shaped plush pillow from Willcom allows users to rest their weary heads while conducting hands-free conversations.

Willcom, a Japanese mobile phone company specializing in PHS phones (Personal Handy-phone System, not smartphones), has come up with a warm & fuzzy winter promotional campaign aimed at those who love relaxing chatting – or chatting while relaxed.

You can call it “Pillow Talk 2.0” but Willcom prefers “Dare to Demo,” which means “With Anyone” in Japanese. The pillow part concerns a plush, star-shaped pillow equipped with a microphone and twin speakers. Simply plug in your phone, kick back, and enjoy relaxing conversations... hopefully with another Willcom subscriber who has their own “Dare to Demo” pillow.

That's the catch: you've got to sign up with Willcom during the month of December 2011 in order to receive your free pillow. You can choose your preferred color at least: pink, purple, blue, light blue, green and yellow are available.

Though Willcom is playing up the romantic aspects of “Dare to Demo” in their ads and commercials, the pillows do have another feature that may appeal to those who happen to be, er, “With Themselves”: plug in your music player and enjoy some solo relaxation. (via Japan Trends)


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