Pimp Your Brolly With The Burera Coiling Umbrella Handle


Tired of your parade being rained on by, er, rain? 'Course you are - we only have two hands after all and if you have to grip an umbrella then you've lost half the battle. No longer though, thanks to an ingenious invention from Japan that negates the need to hold your umbrella... because the umbrella holds you!

The Burera Coiling Umbrella Handle offered by quirky Japanese department store Tokyu Hands is a 77cm (about 31") long cylinder made of easy to grip synthetic rubber with a flexible polypropylene core.

To use it, simply unscrew the stock handle of your umbrella and screw on the Burera handle in its place. Then coil the Burera handle around the top of your arm (kinda like a pipe-cleaner) so that the umbrella stays upright. It looks a little dicey if you ask me but hey - the spokesmodel is all smiles so who am I to argue?

The no-hands umbrella concept is a sound one, however, and any young mother forced to shepherd their child and their groceries through an all-to-frequent Japanese downpour will surely appreciate it. Not convinced? Well, according to Tokyu Hands, the device "was invented by a doctor familiar with the structure of the shoulder." So there!

Convenience has its price, naturally: 2,499 yen or about $26.50 at current exchange rates and the Burera Coiling Umbrella Handle comes in red or black to suit your fashion preferences. (via Tokyu Hands)

Sep 6, 2009
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