Pimp Your Ride With Big, Horrible Mascara

I can't imagine what could possibly motivate you to put eyelashes on your vehicle. Even if you were the prissy, high school Valley girl in big, pink SUV (aka Mayhem) in that State Farm commercial, I still think you'd have to frown at the thought of car lashes. Pity anyone that drives with them.


But, apparently some people (company employees, mostly, I'd imagine) actually have the lady balls to paste fake eyelashes to their cars. And drive around. On the streets. Public streets.

All you need to add a " touch of fashion and a twinkle of crystal" is some 3M automotive trim tape. Apparently they're super-easy to put on and will survive freeway driving and even the occassional car wash. Not sure about rocks and baseball bats, though. 

Think CarLashes are queer in the worst kind of way? There's also a "crystal eye liner option available." Again, it's true. 

I could see CarLashes being useful in a parade or auto show, but for actual driving, these just look ridiculous. I haven't had road rage in years, but seeing these on an actual automobile would bring me there in a hurry. According to a CNN report in September (nothing better going on CNN?), CarLashes sold nearly 2,000 examples since June. Scary.

Hopefully local and state governments find some safety malfunction that makes these illegal. In a hurry. 

If you're intrigued enough for more information, check out CarLashes' site. Or watch the video below. The dudes singing the praises of CarLashes are absolutely priceless; I hope they were paid well. 

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Dec 16, 2010
by Anonymous

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