PinPres Children's Shelf Allows You To Make Your Own Design

The PinPres is a unique shelving unit designed to make use of the idea of the small version that is on desks in offices throughout the world. You know the idea. Press an object into the back of it and it creates a design on the front as the pins are moved. A shelf built the same way allows you to customize the shelves or toy storage spots that meet your child's specific needs.

PinPres Children's ShelfPinPres Children's Shelf

The shelf is made of beech wood and comes in five different colors including the natural wood finish, red, yellow, blue, and purple. The main body of the shelf can come in pine, plywood, or lacquered white.

PinPres Children's Shelf ColorsPinPres Children's Shelf Colors

Your child can have fun creating the spaces to put things and the idea behind the shelf is to help get kids interested in putting their things away by making it fun.

Honestly, I don't know why this product is aimed only at children. I could see it being a great design accent for many areas of the house. The shelf could be used to display cherished treasures, pieces of art, or a variety of memorabilia. I think it would make a unique way to shelve wine and be able to have it at an angle and make a creative visual display at the same time.

PinPres Children's ShelfPinPres Children's Shelf

This cool product is not made in China, so you don't need to worry about the safety of the materials used in construction. The shelves are "lovingly handmade in Spain from locally sourced wood." It also comes in two sizes -- one freestanding (3.2' x 3.6' x 1.5') and one wall-mounted (1.6' x 1.6' x 0.9').

PinPres Children's Shelf -- Press Items In PlacePinPres Children's Shelf -- Press Items In Place

If you have a specific need for a different size you can contact the company, OOO My Design, and they will accommodate your request. I could see this as a dividing wall in a large space, making the wall extra functional.  Of course, as the saying goes, "this is gonna cost you."

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