Pine FreeCarver Rides Like A Scooter And Carves Like A Snowboard

If you enjoy Winter sports, you may want to check out the Pine FreeCarver. This board is a cross between a snowboard and a scooter. Equipped with a handlebar, it rides like a scooter, but you can carve up some serious snow just like you would on a snowboard.

Pine FreeCarverPine FreeCarver

Pine FreeCarver's Story

Born on the slopes in Portland, Oregon, the FreeCarver is now 6 years old. Casey Corning invented this unique board and has been testing it, along with his business partner, Sean Lucas, on the slopes of Mt. Hood. Now, they're ready to put this board on the market. 

The two recently teamed up with Deviation Skis and Snowboards, based in Gresham, Oregon, to make the decks for their FreeCarvers. They also teamed up with a local metal shop, in Clackamas, Oregon to make the frames and handlebars for the FreeCarver. 

Riding The FreeCarverRiding The FreeCarver

FreeCarver's Features

The first thing most people notice about the FreeCarver is the handlebars. The handlebars make it possible to ride the FreeCarver without bindings. When you're skiing or snowboarding, you have to get in and out of the skis and board. The bindings make getting back up the slopes harder and slower. With the FreeCarver, you don't have to waste time strapping in. 

The handlebars also make it easier to maneuver the board. This means you can seriously carve up the slopes. With its tri-deck system, the handlebars are attached to the front deck and so are able to steer independently of the bottom and top decks, which are attached to each other. This not only makes the board easier to maneuver, it makes the ride a unique one--able to steer like a scooter and still glide down the slopes like a snowboard.

Tri-Deck SystemTri-Deck System

Where Can You Get One?

Back in June, the Pine team ran an unsuccessful Kickstarter campaign, and it seems as though they've put their FreeCarver project on hold. The "Buy Now" option on their website has been disabled and there are no updates on the Kickstarter page.

Tricks On The FreeCarverTricks On The FreeCarver

Hopefully, the Pine team hasn't given up entirely. I, for one, would love to take a ride on this board, and there's not much on the market like the FreeCarver. The Railz Snow Scooter is the closest, but the FreeCarver looks sturdier and its wider deck seems to me like it would be the better ride. Whatever the case, you can still get in contact with the Pine team via their website, and hopefully, we'll see the FreeCarver on the market in the future. 

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