The Ping Garment Innovation: Create Your Own Facebook Language


Forget that old commercial from decades past about reaching out and touching someone. That's not only passé, it's also too much effort and totally unnecessary. Just go about your daily business and move around as you ordinarily would and you can communicate with anyone you choose via Facebook. The Ping garment allows you to stay connected via the technology embedded into the shoulder of the fabric. Haptic feedback technology is responsible for this, as it recreates the sense of touch via the application of forces, vibrations or motion.


 The Ping Garment: Source: Ecouterre.comThe Ping Garment: Source:


How does the Ping garment work?

Cretaed by Jennifer Darmour of Electricfoxy, the Ping is a hoodie-wrap with implanted electronics that monitor every move you make and update your status accordingly. Born from a desire to explore and translate three-dimensional gesture-sensing into a new social-networking platform, the key to Ping's efficency lies in its functional design. There is no attempt to hide the technology, and in fact, it is embraced. The pattern found on both the left and right panels are actually part of the circuitry itself.


The Ping Hoodie-Side View: Source:ElectricFoxy.comThe Ping Hoodie-Side View:


Ping  can communicate personal expression and it is possible that Darmour's research permitting two-way communication may one day lead to the future development of accessories that will have the capacity to telegraph environmental data and conditions.

This singular mode of communication allows the wearer to be in touch via different tapping rhythms with everyone and anyone on their Facebook-accepted list  (kind of like a modern verison of that old drum beat across the hills and valleys in ancient times). If the wearer is sent a message from a social networking site (Facebook), he or she will be notified via a gentle tapping on the shoulder.

Create your own language


The Ping Hood: Source: ElectricFoxy.comThe Ping Hood: Source:


Different tapping rhythms can be assigned to different message groups so that you can develop your own feedback code and instantly know whch group is trying to contact you.  For example; you can set up a different rhythm for a work group, a friends or family category or even a private group.

The user connects with a virtual audience via mundane gestures that include: a simple pop of the hood, unfastening a button or cinching a belt. The convenience of being able to wirelessly connect anywhere in the world is a phenomenon. The term, keeping in the loop, has now  taken on international parameters. Wearing the Ping garment means there is no need for a phone, laptop or any kind of hardware.


Ping Garment-Three Views: Source: FashionTech.comPing Garment-Three Views: Source:



If nothing else,  Ping  indicates the dynamic nature of communication patterns. Integrating real-time messaging into garments  via 3-D gesture sensing may one day become a new and entirely different platform for the exchange of information. Although the idea of customized conact sounds a bit foreign, it is a natural outgrowth of social networking and the age of technology and another example of function intersecting with fashion. If social media is your thing, then so is Ping (forgive the rhyme).

Closing thoughts on communication:

The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place. ~ George Bernard Shaw


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