Ping Pong Paddle Pot Trivet Adds Sporty Flair To Any Kitchen

The Ping Pot Mat from Japan's Evolete might look like a run of the mill paddle but its dimpled silicone rubber surface makes it a kitchen all-star. Able to resist temperatures more than twice as hot as the boiling point of water (230°C or 446°F to be exact), this terrific trivet is a triumph of practical and whimsical kitchen tool design.

The 100% bamboo-bodied Ping Pot Mat weighs just 160 grams (5.65 ounces) and measures 250mm x 155mm x 10mm (10 by 6.2 by ). The dimpled silicone rubber covering one side of the trivet only comes in red.

Based near Tokyo with an office in Osaka, Evolete thrives to make the world a little bit smaller by making sure the item you fell in love with from the other side of the world can be held in your hands.” Hold the Ping Pot Mat in your hands and you'll never burn a countertop again – you gotta love that!