Pink Kisses: The Business of Breakups!

After a breakup, one of the best ways to feel better is with a little bit of shopping therapy. Pink Kisses specializes in the business of breakups and helping women pick themselves up for their next conquest.

Pink KissesPink Kisses

 Designed with women in mind, Pink Kisses satisfies the post-breakup desire for a little bit of retail therapy and offers them some little surprises to pick them up when they're feeling down. Depending on the package you select for yourself or a friend who has recently gone through a bad breakup, there are various gift items delivered to create a smile. If you order from Pink Kisses yourself, you don't need to worry about ruining the intrigue; you never know exactly what you're going to get. Many of the items included in Pink Kisses' packages are a girl's best friend. Beauty products, chocolate, flowers. Even encouraging text messages and coaching sessions can be provided!

Today's women are independent, so if you're feeling down after a breakup, there's no reason to rely on someone else for a pick-me-up!

Via: Springwise