Pink LED Ceiling Light & Ionizer Freshens Air, Improves Mood

Poor quality home and office lighting getting you down? Japan's Sharp Electronics wants you to lighten up and they've got just the light you need: the ELM ceiling light with built-in ionizer. This feature-packed ceiling light is due for retail release in Japan by mid-March of 2013.

The circular lamp is plainly styled to complement almost any home décor scheme but things get a lot more complex inside. Twin fans designed by Sharp to run quietly and not accumulate dust are paired with Plasmacluster Ion generators, causing a constant flow of air-cleaning ions to gently suffuse the room. You can't see the ions but you'll notice their effects by the lack of odors and a pleasing sense of room freshness.

In the light's center lurks a cool-running LED bulb which, combined with the delicately tinted two-tone glass lamp cover, fills rooms with the warm and pleasing hue of Japan's famous “Sakura” springtime cherry blossoms.

The color pink has been shown to induce relaxation (it's used occasionally to paint prison cells housing violent inmates) and according to Sharp, can act to improve one's senses of concentration and motivation thereby boosting productivity. Maybe that's where the expression "in the pink" comes from.

Sharp's not quite done yet: since windows in homes and offices allow various degrees of outside light to enter, the ELM is equipped with a dimmer switch so the desired degree of soothing ambient lighting can be maintained manually. Add more cherry to feel more cheery, one might say! (via Rocketnews24 and Sharp Electronics)