Pink Panther Strikes Again as Cherry-Coated Cats Cavort

Call it a case of “canary in a coalmine” syndrome: pink cats wandering the streets of downtown Lanzhou with nary a punk rocker or cosplayer in sight. If cats are turning pink, could people be far behind?

This isn't the first time cats of a very different color have been found. In May of 2011, four pink-furred strays were discovered in close proximity to a concrete factory where red dye was being used. Investigators believe some of the red dye spilled and the cats ingested it while drinking from puddles of rainwater.

Now another pink cat has turned up, this time in the city of Lanzhou located in western China's Gansu Province. “I thought I had a blurred vision,” recounted Yao Xianhai of Lanzhou, “but I then realized it was truly pink.”

Not that there haven't been pink cats, mind you, but most recorded cases can be ascribed to wrong-headed pranks or misguided attempts at cute fashion perpetrated by bubble-headed pet owners. An example of the former appears here, courtesy of Newsfwdmail.

Turned into the Swindon (UK) RSPCA office after being tossed over a garden fence by so-called “yobs”, this particular “moggy” (oh those Brits!) seems to have been dyed in the wool with permanent tint normally used to color clothing.

“Pink”, as the cerise kitty has been imaginatively dubbed by RSPCA staff, “has been dyed very evenly and the person has taken care to ensure it did not get in her eyes or mouth.” So says Penny Gillespie of the Cheldene Veterinary Centre and Boarding Cattery, who adds “I think it may have been done professionally.” Professional yobs and boarding catteries, in my Great Britain? It's more likely than you think. (via Telegraph UK and Newsfwdmail) 

Aug 30, 2011
by Anonymous

It ain't dyed

It was covered in Sirachi and escaped before being eaten.