Pink Recycle Bin Made of Recycled Chewing Gum To Recycle Gum To Make More Pink Bins

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Picture this. You're sitting in a public place and you drop your cell phone. You reach down to retrieve your phone when you notice dozens of different colored wads of chewed up and discarded gum stuck to the bottom of your seat. Most people would see this and not want to touch the stuff, but Anna Bullus came up with the idea to recycle it.


Anna Bullus, understanding that gum is a rubber, spent 8 months in a lab researching ways to turn gum into something else. According to The Guardian newspaper Anna Bullus was able to first turn the gum into a foam. From that, "Bullus was able to make a used-gum pellet; then, adding ingredients (these remain secret), she extracted a polymer that she calls BRGP (Bullus Recycled Gum Polymer). This is the substance she uses to make the pink bubble bins now dotted around Orpington College, where they're being trialled as gum-specific litter bins" (The Guardian).


These pink gum bins are called Gumdrop. Once Gumdrop bins, made from recycled gum, are filled with recycled gum, the bins and the collected gum inside them are recycled into new bins. Right now the bins are being tested in London. Will this make gum clean up easier on cut down on the yearly cost of cleaning it up? It's possible.


Anna Bullus is also responsible for inventing the sugar cup called One Cup or Two (an eatable cup made of sugar), the Toothy Brush (made of utensil handles and toothbrush heads), the Bio-Picnic and the Chewy Pad (also made with recycled chewing gum). For more information about the Gumdrop or any of her other designs visit her website here. 


Via The Guardian and Anna Bullus