What You Don't Learn in Art Class - Creepy Pipe Cleaner Art

Earth Monster in SuitEarth Monster in Suit

Don Porcella is an artist that creates unique and sometimes disturbing sculptures out of pipe cleaners.

Born in California, Porcella now lives and works in New York City. His artist statement: "Drawing from his own imagery of the suburban, and his interest in folk art, cartoons, and science fiction, Porcella’s paintings, drawings and sculpture allow the subjective and strange to penetrate humorous representations of a wildly imaginative reality."

There You Remain in the Drain of the Mainframe Food ChainThere You Remain in the Drain of the Mainframe Food Chain

King JamesKing James

"King James" is the third in a series including "Air Jordan" and "Kobe". About the New Balance shoe artwork: "The leg is severed because the brand becomes more important than the player as the ever popular shoe culture aims to package the experience. I had my early Air Jordan's stolen and ever since then I have tried to recreate that experience in art. The severed leg is me getting my shoes stolen. I guess Cleveland feels that way now..." Yes, we SURE do!

Air JordanAir Jordan


I find these sculptures amusing because when I was in school, the teachers would have freaked out if any of us would have made sculptures like this with the pipe cleaners given to us. Instead of giving us pipe cleaners to pass the time so the teacher could read her romance novel, I would have crafted a severed leg. Even though I'd immediately be sent to the principal's office, it would totally have been worth it to give my teacher nightmares.

Proboscis PeteProboscis Pete

I find these sculptures kinda creepy yet am amazed at the intricate detail in all of them.  I like the statements made with the severed legs, but the last image of Proboscis Pete reminds me of some S&M bondage slave that has emerged from the dungeon and taking his creature for a walk. What do you think?


Copyrighted images used with permission. Please visit Don Porcella's website to see more of this interesting pipe cleaner art.