Pixelated Hair: The Bizarre Hair Color Trend For 2015

 Image Source: RevlonImage Source: Revlon

Over the years there have been some pretty crazy hair trends, but in 2015 we’ll be seeing a bizarre new coloring technique with a futuristic feel.

Introducing - pixelated hair, a look that was reportedly created by mistake.  A hair research and development company based in Madrid called X-Presion recently told Bored Panda that pixelated hair “was created by mistake. We were in Minneapolis preparing a big show for 4500 people and then, with one of the models, I got an effect in her hair that I didn’t expect. After that, we started to study and think until we got the trend as it is now”.

lmage Source: Revlonlmage Source: Revlon

Stylists José Luis Almendral, Marco Antonio Restrepo, and Jorge Cancer from X-Presion Creativos hair salon have been dubbed the masterminds behind pixelated hair and are calling the look “xpresionpixel”.

As part of their 2014 fall/winter campaign, Revlon Canada began posting pictures of models sporting the pixelated look on Instagram and describing the look as “splashlights”.  The look has apparently received positive feedback.

We went through the ombre phase, the pastel colored locks, and the gray craze.  The pixelated hair technique is reportedly taking off quite well in more fashion forward cities.

Image Source: X-PresionImage Source: X-Presion

YouTube videos demonstrate the technique used to create pixelated hair which starts by coloring blocks of hair, and then blending to create cool geometric patterns.

What are your thoughts on this color trend?  Will you be testing it out in 2015?


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