PiXos Spin Master Super Studio Offers Aqua Design Fun

New from toy company Spin Master is thePiXos Super Studio, a way to create long-lasting, non-toxic toys inany shape a kid wants!


Spin Master initially came into theself-design toy market with a product called AquaDots, but thesetiny, sticky toys turned out to be bad for kids’ health if theyhappened to be accidentally ingested. Now, the company has introducedwhat are known as PiXos – tiny beads that are slightly less stickybut are a whole lot safer for the family.


The idea behind the Super Studio isthat it functions as a dispenser for PiXos and one that allows themto be targeted to a specific location on a grid that comes includedwith the toy. Once all of the PiXos are placed on a pre-made templateor wherever seems best to a budding artist, all one has to do is passa spray or two of water over them to convince them to bond to oneanother. A quick dry under the included fan and a design can beremoved from the grid and made to stand tall on the mantle or usedfor playtime.


Included in the Super Studio are adispenser and fan along with a removal tool for when a PiXo is placedwrong and needs to be quickly removed.


With practice, kids can make both 2Dand 3D designs and are able to choose from a variety of colors tosuit their tastes. 500 PiXos are included right out of the box butparents would be wise to bear in mind that they are quickly used upif their little one takes an interest.


The Super Studio is available over at Amazon for a cool $15.94 but does come with a few caveats fromreviewers. First, the setup on the Studio will require adultassistance and second, not all of the designs work the first timearound. In many cases a “light spray” of water will not be enoughto cement the PiXo bonds, leading to broken designs and unhappychildren. The fan on the studio also doesn’t always work as well asindicated and many reviews recommend drying the items overnightbefore taking them out to play.


Problems aside, the concept behind theStudio is interesting and many kids find the allure of building theirown toys irresistible.


Source: Spin Master




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