The Best Pizza Ovens Now Come In All Shapes And Sizes

 Wood-burning brick pizza oven: Make delicious pizza every timeWood-burning brick pizza oven: Make delicious pizza every time


Pizza ovens have gained in popularity over the years, both indoors and out. At one point it seemed like everybody in California had an outdoor pizza oven or was in the planning stages for installing one in their backyards. As prices continue to drop, now there are convenient and affordable options available in all shapes and sizes for creating that little slice of cheesy heaven. We've done a bit of research to find out what consumers are saying about these pie makers and which they think are the best. Whether you're looking for authentic wood-fired pizza ovens or something more along the lines of a portable model, here's what we found:

Multipurpose Portable Pizza Ovens

For versatility, the most popular pizza oven on Amazon right now is the Presto 03430 Pizzazz Plus Rotating Oven that doubles as a sandwich maker and heats up frozen foods better than a microwave. This portable pizza oven was given 5 stars by 83 percent of its users for convenience, ease of use and quality of results. It will bake a 12-inch pie and features a continuously rotating tray with top and bottom heating elements to bake foods evenly from both sides. As an added benefit, you can control the elements separately, allowing you to select top, bottom, or both elements simultaneously. This is said to assure perfect results every time. A built-in timer signals end of cooking time and automatically turns off the heating elements. For safety, the appliance shuts off automatically if it overheats. The unit is also said to saves as much as 60 percent in energy as compared to a conventional oven. It comes with a removable nonstick baking pan that's easy to clean and store.


 Pizza Ovens: Multipurpose portable models make great starter ovensPizza Ovens: Multipurpose portable models make great starter ovens


While the vast majority of the reviews were glowing, there were a few observations in regards to the Presto Pizzazz Plus Rotating Oven. It's said the nonstick coating on the pan can be scratched, so be careful not to use an abrasive pad on it. Since it's a non-stick surface, we're not sure why you'd have to, anyway. For anyone who doesn't know, melted cheese comes right off with cold water, no matter the surface. Hot water just makes it gooier and harder to remove. It was also noted that super thick, rising-crust pizzas could possibly bubble or rise into the top-heating element (deep dish, maybe?), so it's a good idea not to leave it unattended until you get used to it. Having said that, several users felt it was safe enough for kids to use. At well under $50, this is a great starter pizza oven for individuals and families.

Counter Top Pizza Ovens

As indoor counter top pizza ovens go, the Wisco 421 Pizza Oven has received high marks with customers. It's compact, American made and delivers 1500 watts of cooking power for baking perfectly browned pizzas in 5 to 6 minutes. It can also be used with frozen pizza and is said to be a nice little oven for the money. The small, stainless steel box can accommodate a deep dish pie and features a digital LED display, quick one-touch setting of 450F for 10 minutes and an adjustable thermostat of 150F to 500F in 25-degree increments. It also comes with a removable clean out tray for easy cleanup. If you're looking for a unit that heats up fast and can consistently turn out perfect 10- to 12-inch pizzas on a regular basis, this might be the pizza oven for you.

Best Counter Top Pizza Oven: Bakes perfect pies every timeBest Counter Top Pizza Oven: Bakes perfect pies every time

Many of the consumers that reviewed this particular pizza oven were repeat buyers, attesting to both the quality of the unit and the end product. Some reviewers made mention of the fact that they'd owned this brand for 10 to 15 years and their boxes were still going strong. While the Wisco 421 Pizza Oven is said not to heat up your kitchen, the outside of the unit can get very warm, so be aware of this and keep small children away from it while it's in use and during the cooling off phase.

Outdoor Pizza Ovens

If you're looking for a portable outdoor pizza oven, the Camp Chef Italia Artisan Pizza Oven is relatively inexpensive — especially as compared to built-in outdoor pizza ovens — and offers brick-oven quality pizzas. It features a ventilated open door with handle, a double layered ceiling for enhanced heating dynamics, and a Cordierite ceramic pizza stone, all of which allows it to bake like a brick oven. It also features a built-in valve ignition/micro-adjust valve to give you total flame control and a built-in temperature gauge to monitor internal air temps. This pizza oven preheats and is ready to cook in 15 minutes, is capable of reaching temperatures upwards of 700F and runs on a 1lb. disposable propane bottle. It comes with a regulator and 5 ft. hose to adapt to a standard bulk propane tank.


Camp Chef Italia Artisan Pizza Oven: Old World brick-oven style pizzas every timeCamp Chef Italia Artisan Pizza Oven: Old World brick-oven style pizzas every time

As far as reviews go, this product has a high customer satisfaction rating. It's said to be easy to assemble and simple to use. Like any stainless steel cooking implement it can get hot when in use, so be careful when working around it and keep kids away from it until it cools down. Interestingly, this seems to apply to the top and sides rather than the bottom. It's said to be safe to use on wooden surfaces without fear of burning them. Helpful tips from users include not stacking toppings too high until you get the hang of it and limiting toppings to 3 or 4 so that the pizza cooks all the way through before the outer crust begins to burn. There is a smaller Camp Chef unit available as well for camping cooktops. 

Kettle Grill Pizza Oven Kits

Already own a kettle grill and wish there was some way to convert it into a pizza oven? Well, now you can at a fraction of the cost of most true wood-burning pizza ovens. With the PizzaQue Deluxe Kettle Grill Pizza Kit for 18" and 22.5" Kettle Grills, you can transform your old BBQ into an affordable and easy to use charcoal or wood-burning pizza oven that reaches impressive temperatures and delivers quality pizza every time. This kit fits many grill models, including Weber kettle grills (18 inches and 22.5 Inches) and Home Depot's Master Forge grills (18 inches and 22.5 Inches). Once the kit is properly installed, you can cook a pizza in 3 to 5 minutes at nearly 900F. The kit includes stainless steel kettle converter, 15-inch round Cordierite pizza stone, 13-inch wide folding-aluminum pizza peel and a charcoal fence.


Kettle Grill Pizza Oven Converter Kit: Turn your BBQ into a wood-burning pizza ovenKettle Grill Pizza Oven Converter Kit: Turn your BBQ into a wood-burning pizza oven

The only drawbacks mentioned in association with the PizzaQue Deluxe Kettle Grill Pizza Kit for 18" and 22.5" Kettle Grills is, like all BBQs, they can get extremely hot and it can take up to 10 lbs. of charcoal to reach desired cooking temps. Other than that, these kits appear to be a viable alternative to pricey wood-burning ovens for people who might not need or use them as often.

Built-In Pizza Ovens for Backyard Use

If you're bound and determined to go the distance with a built-in backyard pizza oven, be prepared for the cost. While they make beautiful additions to outdoor kitchens, the hefty price tags make them cost prohibitive for most. There are several reputible companies that can configure and build outdoor pizza ovens to suit your taste and style, but it's best to know what to look for and what you're getting yourself into. Having said that, do your research beforehand so you end up getting exactly what you want. Companies like Wildwood and Los Angeles Oven Works can design high-quality pizza ovens from the modest to the extravagant in a variety of materials to compliment any backyard. They will help you plan your pizza oven down to the very last detail for years of use and enjoyment. As with any high-ticket home improvement items, make sure the business is licensed, bonded and insured before you take the leap and commit to any one company.

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